Why Delhi govt using ads to reach out the masses in every state?


The Aam Aadmi Party had claimed to present a different model in Indian politics and in the second attempt; the party formed the government with a landslide victory in Delhi assembly polls.

The first time the national capital had witnessed a new Chief Minister from a newly emerged party in February 2015. A party formed on the principles of idealism had promised a 70 point action plan prior to the assembly elections.

Delhi government has been putting its efforts to bring a unique system in the world’s renowned city, the heart of the country. In the first maiden budget, the government set aside Rs 526 crore, especially for the information and advertisements.

A huge amount had been spent on the advertisements of the government in different newspapers across the country in the first year by Delhi and even the government is frequently putting the ads in the newspapers.
The new government in Delhi had even adopted the Radio, an old medium of communication to reach out the masses. First time in the history of Delhi, the different private radio stations were given advertisements worth of crores.

Private radio stations across the national capital have been running the advertisements and jingles for Delhi government. To reach out maximum people, the government had found the old method of approach so that the messages could be spread to the people.
The advertisements were published in Kerala, Hyderabad, Punjab, Haryana and in other states.

Is this required or not?

The advertisements containing the achievements of Delhi government have been flooded in the all national and regional newspapers. Moreover, the ads circulated in every state. An ad revealing the cleanliness drive in Delhi had given to a Kerala-based newspaper. The one-year completion of AAP in Delhi had projected in the different newspapers across the country. A minimum of three to four pages advertisements was carried out in all the newspapers containing the claims of work done by the government in Delhi.
What is the dire need that forced the Delhi government to spend a lot of money on advertisements? Is this required or it was just a deliberate activity for the projection of Delhi government across the country?

Do Arvind Kejriwal is projecting as PM of India?

What is the requirement to display advertisements of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal in different national and regional newspapers? Only Kejriwal has been projecting in the advertisements which are pointing out that Kejriwal has the political aspiration of becoming the Prime Minister of the country as he had contested the Lok Sabha election from Varanasi against Prime Minister Narendra Modi. What is the main objective of the Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal?

Is it justified to spend Delhi taxpayers’ money on ads across the country?

The government of Delhi has been spending a huge amount of Rs 526 crore on ads in the newspapers of all states. In the second budget, a sum of Rs 207 crore has set aside for information and advertisement. A total sum of Rs 730 crore in two years. A question raised here that why the government has been spending the hard earned money of Delhi taxpayers’ on the publicity only. The money should have been spent on the welfare of the Delhi people. A huge amount could have spent for the infrastructure in schools, colleges, hospitals and other institutions serving the general public.

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