[Video] This Short Film On Sexual Abuse Will Make Your Soul Quiver!


Even in this time and age there are few issues we just don’t talk about. Rather we turn a complete blind towards them, whether for it being a taboo in our, oh so moral society or for being completely unaware of it. And one of them is child abuse, an awefully spine chilling issue that we sometime even choose to ignore under the pretext of trust. Be it our neighbours or their teachers, we provide the best for our children yet, demons exist in our society. Demons that leaves their understated imprints on our children for a very long time.

Moreover, 81% of child sexual abuse incidents for all ages occur in one perpetrator to one-child circumstances and most of the abuse occurs in a residence, typically that of the victim or perpetrator – 84% for children under age 12 to 17, there is also a peak in assaults in the late evening hours. And if you thought that it is only our girls or females who are not safe, you are wrong because statistics prove that out of every 10 CSA victims, one is a boy.

5’o Clock Accidents, a short film produced by Nirman Foundation (an organization that is currently working for the enactment of social change through communication) is based on Child Sexual Abuse (CSA), an issue that essentially needs to be discussed about.

This short film, directed by an FTII graduate,Ruchir Arun, clearly and very evidently showcases the problem of child sexual abuse in our society. Child actor Ayush Khedkar, plays the role of the victim,who keeps inflicting himself with injuries to escape his private tuition classes.

It is rightly said that when somebody needs to spread a message, it does not depend on time but the medium and content. Watch the short film for its brilliant cinematography, direction, music, acting and an extremely impactful message, here:




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