Sukhwinder Singh Grewal, a tireless learner to star performer

Sukhwinder Singh Grewal, a tireless leaner to star performer

Once upon a time, Sukhwinder Singh Grewal was a small farmer but now he is a successful pig farmer. Pig farming was an easy job for Grewal but with dedication and hard work at present he is earning Rs 30-35 lakh annually.

It was a biggest challenge for Grewal to start pig farming. There were a lot of cultural and traditional barriers as the business is not considered good in our society. He told that when he had shared the idea with his relatives, they stopped talking to his family.

Narrating an incident during his initial days, Grewal told that people stopped giving him water when the construction of his farm was started. But, there is a saying fortune favors the bold and Grewal didn’t let down.

A small-time pig farmer from a village in Ludhiana, he started his business with three pigs in 1999. At present, he has 300 pigs. He has also grown up to become the director of Indo-Canadian Swine Breeders, a joint venture with a Canadian swine company, which aims to popularise pig farming in India.

Grewal said, “When you start something which is not considered good in our society. You will have to face tough challenges. Moreover, the business requires attention. It’s not easy to get labor in this business. It was a major challenge for me to run the business but with a strong determination and dedication, I came out with flying colors.”

Sukhwinder Singh Grewal’s success story has inspired other small farmers to start the business. Though the pig farming is not an easy business but for small farmers it’s a boon. The business can be started on half acres of land also.

When asked Grewal about his pains in the business, he said, “There is no gain without pain and diversified farming is the only way out to save small and marginal farmers.”

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