Raninder Singh’s Apathy Towards The Indian Athletes Disturbs The Country


While the athletes struggle to win medals to bring laurels to the country, it is seen that officials situated to handle the distress and help the athletes ace at their game and over come issues they are facing have displayed utmost apathy. This enlists the likes of Vijay Goel and Raninder Singh. To begin with, son of Congress member Captain Amarinder Singh has outdone himself in this charade.

“Yuvraj” Raninder Singh, who is also President of the National Rifle Association of India (NRAI) has now become one of the faces of administrative apathy towards our athletes in Rio, with pictures of him partying in Rio floating on WhatsApp groups – while our athletes are trying to win medals.

For company, Raninder has Abhay Singh Chautala, son of former Haryana Chief Minister, OP Chautala. Chautala Jr is also partying in Rio, while out on bail in a disproportionate assets case. His presence in Rio has foxed even the judge, as he didn’t bother to take the mandatory permission required to travel abroad.

In fact, the athletes themselves have to say that  “they (the officials) have no real plans and don’t even have a clue to create a system which will identify youngsters, 8-and 9-year-olds who can then be trained. That’s what countries which win do.”

This fact is only evident in how the athletes have suffered until the very last minute before receiving help for their individual woes. Be it Dipa’s long long wait for her physiotherapist or the CMO posted at the Olympics who has very little or no knowledge about the medical issues or the delegation itself!

Seems like, irresponsibility has a new name.

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