Punjab polls: what is brewing between Mamta and Kejriwal?


Arvind Kejriwal’s twitter account portrays a truly secular image and be it Dadri incident or Una (Gujrat) he always expressed serious outrage on caste based incidence of violence. But ironically AAP chief failed to compose even a single tweet about Malda violence happened early this year in West Bengal.

He didn’t react to Malda – perhaps because of his new-found affection for West Bengal chief minister, Mamta Banerjee. The foundation of the strange relation, which was laid on political arithmetic and vicious anti-centre chemistry, is finally taking shape ahead of Punjab polls.

Trinamool Congress (TMC), Mamta Banerjee would soon hold talks with AAP supremo, Arvind Kejriwal to decide on possible alliance of the two parties for Punjab polls, disclosed Jagmeet Brar, newly appointed state chief of the West Bengal based party.

Brar also stated that West Bengal Chief Minister would extensively campaign for AAP candidates in Punjab ahead of crucial assembly elections. He also stated that the ideology and agenda of both parties was so akin that it would be mutually beneficial for both the parties to fight together for a common objective.

The “common objective” is an open secret but it exposes the double standards of AAP, which was vehemently against any kind of political alliances. It is well known fact how Kejriwal took Congress’ support to form government in Delhi after swearing on his kids to never forge an alliance.

It is noteworthy that AAP has already forged an alliance with two-member party of Bains Brothers. AAP was a result of a political movement aimed towards bringing in alternative politics. It was a party, which proclaimed to put to an end, the practice of poll alliances aimed to en-cash on vote banks.

It is clear that AAP doesn’t practices what it preaches. AAP’s graph has certainly come down due to internal squabbling that led to splits, and total confusion about its chief ministerial candidate. All decisions are arbitrarily taken by Delhi leadership, ignoring leaders from the state.

Clear picture of this newly brewed poll equation will unfold in times to come. Earlier, there were reports that TMC had demanded 20 seats and AAP had rejected their demand.

TMC has already opened party offices at Chandigarh, Patiala and Bathinda and Brar is currently touring every district in Punjab to gauge the ground reality. He is supposed to send a detailed report on political situation in Punjab to Mamta Banarjee to take a final call on the elections.

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