Pranab Mukharjee : Indian Institutions Should Take The Ranking Process Seriously In Order To Find A Place In The Top Ranks


On Wednesday, President Pranab Mukherjee while addressing at the founder’s day ceremony of St. Stephen’s College stressed upon the importance of international ranking of Indian institutes. The president of India, in presence of LG Najeeb Jung and DU vice chancellor Yogesh Tyagi, further expressed his hopes insisting Indian institutes to take the gobal ranking system more seriously and making a mark in the global ranking, by 2017.

“I feel dismayed that there are no Indian institutions at the top in the rankings. We have excellent faculty members as well as brilliant students and do not lack merit. It’s all about the ambience of our educational institutions and the commitment to be successful.” He added that it is important to create an atmosphere of research and innovation, as well as a spirit of questioning in the educational institutions.

“We have so many institutions but when various international standing rating agencies come, I feel dismayed and sorry that out of these large number of institutions, Indian universities don’t find place among the top 200 world class universities. The placement record of our IITs is the highest, IIT graduates are not suffering from lack of employment.. Some of the universities have excellent faculty members, students are brilliant. So how is it that when the ratings come, we are nowhere there. While having discussions, we found out. it is not lack of merit but it’s a sort of technical gap. If we have the mission, commitment and skill, we will be able to do so,” Mukherjee said, addressing the present faculty and alumni.

Further on encouraging the student towards research and innovation, president mukherjee stated that that growth without jobs is not real growth, he urged the students that through whatever position they occupy in future, they should contribute towards solving the problems of the people of the country. “Every year a festival of innovations is held in the Rashtrapati Bhavan to encourage grass root innovations which could solve the problems of day to day life,” he said.

He added, “In the coming years we’ll have a large young population. Only if we provide our youth with the necessary skills, education and training, we can ensure that the world job market will be available to them. Otherwise, the demographic dividend would turn into a liability.”

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