#Checkthisout: Urban Dictionary Has An Intriguing Take On PM Modi’s Infamous Prelude “Mitron”

Most of Modi’s speeches start and end with ‘Mitrooooooooooooooooon’, and it’s no surprise that, over the years, it’s almost become a slang for people.

And now, beating all odds it has made it to the infamous Urban Dictionary!!!! Isn’t that just great! 😛

Check it out!

Most of PM Modi’s speeches starts with the prelude “Mitron”, and the …


Parliamentary Committee Recommends Suspension of Bhagwant Mann

Theatrics and cheap antics offered by Aam Aadmi Party has surely added a dash of humor to the forthcoming assembly elections in Punjab. Stand-up comedian and AAP MP from Sangrur might be the biggest crowd puller in the party but time and again he has displayed from his actions that he is a complete misfit …


Pranab Mukharjee : Indian Institutions Should Take The Ranking Process Seriously In Order To Find A Place In The Top Ranks

On Wednesday, President Pranab Mukherjee while addressing at the founder’s day ceremony of St. Stephen’s College stressed upon the importance of international ranking of Indian institutes. The president of India, in presence of LG Najeeb Jung and DU vice chancellor Yogesh Tyagi, further expressed his hopes insisting Indian institutes to take the gobal ranking system …

AMRITSAR, INDIA - FEBRUARY 28: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal with other AAP senior leaders addressing a public rally at Dhilwan Town in dist Gurdaspur, on February 28, 2016 in Amritsar, India. Kejriwal vowed to curb mining mafia in Punjab within 24 hours if his party comes to power in the 2017 Assembly election. He claimed that no government could have achieved in 65 years what his government had accomplished in one year in Delhi. (Photo by Ravi kumar/Hindustan Times via Getty Images)

Revolt Continues to Hit AAP Punjab

The Aam Aadmi Party that landed with a bang in Punjab on the promise of offering clean and alternative politics is getting embroiled in major controversy with every passing day. The party that came with a promise of giving corruption-free governance now faces every conceivable allegation of corruption at every level.

While report of old party …


Cash Crunch Post Demonetization Tames Illegal Wildlife Trade

Demonetization effect has its own set of pros and cons, a step that was taken in spirit of helping the government to suck out all the hidden black money from the economy, however wildlife activists claims to have found a better way to deal with illegal wildlife trading post the scrapping of Rs. 1,000 and …

New Delhi:  Congress party’s deputy leader in Lok Sabha Amarinder Singh addressing the media in New Delhi on Saturday. PTI Photo by Atul Yadav (PTI11_21_2015_000161A)

Captain Amarinder’s Trail of tall, Unrealistic Promises

There are various instances that proof Punjab Pradesh Congress Chief Captain Amarinder Singh to be a hypocrite. He makes effort to turn the situations in his favor while playing dirty and hypocritical politics (but failed to succeed).

He is accused of being a liar or cheater. He assured to provide one job to every family in …


The Rise and Fall of AAP

While ‘Punjabi versus outsider’ debate within AAP Punjab unit refuse to die down, on the other hand wherever it is believed the party has reached lowest level, they come up with more shocking revelation. Starting off well with their election campaign, political analysts had projected the rookie party as a strong contender for the assembly …


Congress Befooling Punjab with Hollow Promises

The Punjab Pradesh Congress Chief Amarinder Singh has his eyes set on the forthcoming 2017 Assembly election of Punjab. Just like the earlier fake commitments, Punjab is being blinded by Captain. He has started his drama of hollow promises and unrealistic ideas of revolution.

Congress has a habit of making promises and claims without knowing the …


Radical Elements Stir up in the run-up to Punjab Assembly Polls

Sikh hardliners have been making a desperate bid to revive the Khalistan movement in Punjab for past few years and ahead of elections they have found a breeding ground in the border state.

Elections are due in Punjab in early next year and Political parties are not shying away from siding with radical elements for electoral …