Contrary to its Claims, AAP’s List of Donors a “Top Secret”


The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), which had taken a high moral stand on the issue of maintaining an absolute transparency on its finances, has retracted from previous stand. In a shocking revelation, it has appeared that AAP is keeping its list of donors a “top secret”.

The party, which used to make tall claims of releasing record of each and every penny received as donation public domain, is now keeping donations process completely under wrap. It is noteworthy that this has move has come after the central government’s move on demonetization.

To avoid any kind of controversy, the party has not put up any information on its donation for the past several months. The website says the donors’ list is “under construction”, and no time frame has been given as to when it would be available.

Defending party’s move, Raghav Chadha, AAP spokesperson said that the party always accounted for every penny received and they would give all the required details to the income tax department.

Now the crucial question arises here – what promoted them take of the details of donations from public domain all of a sudden? Not just the list of donors, they are also keeping the total amount of donation received, a top secret.

Former state convener, Sucha Singh Chhotepur claimed that AAP’s donations have dropped alarmingly, and that’s why were hesitant to share details. Chhoteput further claimed that this was for the reasons that the NRIs funding the AAP have backed off after the news of misuse of party donation started doing the media rounds.


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