“The Phones Of Judges Are Being Tapped” Says Kejriwal, Center Denies Allegations

Arvind Kejriwal enjoys teasing and ruffling Narendra Modi’s feathers. It’s almost like the Prime Minister completes him, making his life purposeful.

Addressing the golden jubilee celebrations of Delhi High Court in the presence of Modi, among other dignitaries, the Delhi chief minister set off a bombshell when he alleged that the phones of judges are being …

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‘BJP Is Neither For Hindus Nor For Their Own Fathers’ Says Arvind Kejriwal

On Thrusday, wedging a little too deep, Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal visited the prestigious educational institution, Jawaharlal Nehru University to address the issue of missing student Najeeb Ahmed who is alleged to be kidnapped by ABVP after altercations with them.

Najeeb, an M.Sc Biotechnology student was staying at room number 16 at Mahi/Mandavi hostel has …


Ever So Diligent In Raking Up Drama, Arvind Kejriwal Confuses Noise With Actions!

Arvind Kejriwal, the L’Enfant terrible of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), has a thing for skirmishes. He loves to start a fight, but scoot to safety the moment his opponent challenges him to come into the ring. Recently, Twitteratti had a field day when the Delhi Chief Minister locked horns with Punjab heavyweight Amarinder Singh, the state Congress …


How Phoolka is cashing in from anti-Sikh riot case?

For last three decades senior advocate H S Phoolka has been projecting himself as a crusader of the ant-Sikh riot victims. Decades on, while justice still evade from riots victims, Phoolka is busy nurturing his political ambitions.

Phoolka unsuccessfully contested the last general elections and now he is aspiring to be the chief minister of Punjab. …