#Checkthisout: Urban Dictionary Has An Intriguing Take On PM Modi’s Infamous Prelude “Mitron”

Most of Modi’s speeches start and end with ‘Mitrooooooooooooooooon’, and it’s no surprise that, over the years, it’s almost become a slang for people.

And now, beating all odds it has made it to the infamous Urban Dictionary!!!! Isn’t that just great! 😛

Check it out!

Most of PM Modi’s speeches starts with the prelude “Mitron”, and the …


In Times Of Need, Once Again Sikh Men Come To The Forward To Serve hot cups of Tea To People In A Long Queue Outside A Bank

While demonizing the two of countries highest currencies our Prime Minister Modi didn’t think much about the ‘aam janta’. Since the announcement, everyone is queuing outside ATMs and banks, hoping that their precious savings wouldn’t come to nil.

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