Captain Amarinder’s Trail of tall, Unrealistic Promises

New Delhi:  Congress party’s deputy leader in Lok Sabha Amarinder Singh addressing the media in New Delhi on Saturday. PTI Photo by Atul Yadav (PTI11_21_2015_000161A)

There are various instances that proof Punjab Pradesh Congress Chief Captain Amarinder Singh to be a hypocrite. He makes effort to turn the situations in his favor while playing dirty and hypocritical politics (but failed to succeed).

He is accused of being a liar or cheater. He assured to provide one job to every family in Punjab if his govt. comes in power. But seems he forgot that he only put a ban on govt. recruitment when Punjab was under Congress rule in 2002-2007.

That time he and his govt. failed to create any jobs in private or public sector.

Capt. Amarinder is known to make false and hollow promises. Recently in an interaction with the students of Panjab University, he claimed that providing 1.13 lakh jobs to youth were not enough (which is done by SAD-BJP).

But again Capt. missed the fact that the 1.13 lakh jobs for which recruitment process had started recently, were in addition to more than one lakh plus recruitment done in the entire SAD-BJP Government tenure.

Amarinder had not done ant special allocation to any medical college in Punjab during his rule and that all the prime medical institutions were revamped once the SAD-BJP govt. took over.

Amarinder misguides the students and general public of the state while making tall promises. It would have been rather better if had listed the achievements of his govt.

And lastly it is already proven that both AAP and Congress have a track record of being anti-Punjabi and anti-poor.

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