An aimless comedian in serious world of Politics


When AAP suspended two of its senior MP – Dharmavir Gandhi and Harinder Singh Khalsa from party fold, it was left with no choice but to elevate stand-up comedian and Sangrur MP Bhagwant Mann to the position of party leader in Lok Sabha. The rookie party may have elevated him to the coveted position out of compulsion but he soon became a liability for the party as never in the history of Indian democracy, it happened that all parliamentarians complained against a sitting MP including his own party colleagues.

Bhagwant Mann’s track record speaks volume of his tall promises and false claims. His “drinking problem” is an open secret and a committee was formed in politics to take a decision on sending him to a de-addiction centres.  Never in the history of parliament, it happened that all the MPs joined in to lodge a complaint against a sitting MP including his own party colleagues. Such is the state of people’s elected representative from Sangrur that he was being responsible for endangering the security of Parliament by putting up a video on social media.

Prior to being elevated to coveted position party leader in Lok Sabha, his colleagues had lodged formal complaints to party high command for his addiction to alcohol. However, instead of taking action against Mann’s undisciplined attitude, his position was elevated in the party allegedly due to his closeness in the ‘Arvind coterie’.

Ironically, besides being the leader of AAP’s parliamentary party he also led the political campaign of the party against addiction in Punjab.

Being a standup comedian, he is no doubt a good crowd puller. He seems to be the star leader of the party, which lacks any base and leadership in Punjab. His theatrics may entertain people and his cheap antics may grab eyeball for all the wrong reason. But can a person offer governance who doesn’t even understand basic democratic values?

His mass appeal as a comedian might have helped him garner public support but he is unlikely to play a long innings as a politician. Political mandate is tested on a series of parameters centered on one or two central issues. A good politician is one who understands the issues and offers sustainable solutions. Lack of clarity on issues grappling the society or possible solutions may dent a politician’s image but still can be tested in long run.

On the other hand, if a politician has no clue about issues affecting public at large than he/she has no moral right to represent people.  Bhagwant Mann comes in this category.  He has no agenda or vision for people of Punjab. He has been often alleged for insensitive & irresponsible attitude and hurting Sikh sentiments.

Bhagwant Mann’s comic timing might have helped him rise to Lok Sabha but his political innings will be soon timed out!

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